Pusha T Heads to Wyoming to assist Kanye West


Kanye West is back in the lab.

Kanye has always been the type of artist to take the creative process incredibly seriously, so his trek to the Wyoming mountains may have stuck some fans as odd, but not as surprising. However, it seems that Kanye brought some friends along to assist in the musical journey he’s undertaking.

According to Page Six, Kanye has brought along his close friend, GOOD Music artist and president, Pusha T. According the sources, Pusha aka King Push has been the periodically to offer support as well as help Kanye recover from the noticeably dark place the artist has been in for the past year or so.

According to the source, Pusha T is there because he “inspires Kanye to write”. “Kanye’s trying to find his creative voice again, and he has people there to help him get, and stay, on track. He’s still a little off and is trying to get himself back.”

Fans of Kanye are certainly used to the two rappers linking up. They have worked together on tons of hits, with “Runaway” off MBDTF being the standout track from the two. Fans expect that, when these two are in the studio, good music is soon to follow – no pun intended. And as human, we can all attest that having a friendly face around will always make even the most remote locale, such as isolated mountain in Wyoming, feel like home.

With the massive undertakings Kanye has put himself in, and the massive responsibilities he has on, its easy to understand why Kanye may be feeling overwhelmed and feels the need to isolate himself for a bit to get the creative juices flowing again. While attempting to become a sneaker industry juggernaut, successfully break in to the world of fashion, and maintain his crown as one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time, he’s beginning the biggest journey anyone can ever face: being a husband and a father of 2. He’s doing this while all the while being a fixture in the world of the Kardashians, which obviously doesn’t allow for much privacy, let alone room to create at your own pace.

Kanye has shown an affinity for jet setting to far off places in order to have the peace and quite he requires to create new music. Fans remember when he retreated to Hawaii and set up a studio there, and when he returned, he gave the world My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, what many fans and critics consider his magnum opus. For now, we can only guess what he’s cooking up, but at least he’s with trusted friends.


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