The End of Childish Gambino? by Rasheed Wesley


It may be the end of an era for many hip hop fans. Or for atleast fans of Childish Gambino.

This Saturday at the Governors Ball, Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino spoke candidly about his personal life and revealed some news about his persona as Childish Gambino. After disclosing back in January’s Golden Globe Awards that he had become a father, he had kept information about his son extremely guarded and quiet.

However, during the Governors Ball, ‘Bino revealed the name of his son, as only he could, by making a statement before performing “Baby Boy” off his critically acclaimed album, Awaken, My Love!


“This song is dedicated to everybody in this crowd and my young son, Legend.”

Back in October, there were rumors and reports that Glover and his girlfriend would soon be welcoming a baby into the world, but that was the extent of the information. Then, at the Golden Globe awards in January of this year, Donald thanked both his girlfriend and son. In his song “Baby Boy”, he mentions a “tiny heart, tiny beat”, and while these lyrics and the title referenced Gambino being a father, until the Governors Ball, this song was thought to be the only time he has mentioned his new role as a father.

This was a perfect transition to the next song on his set list, as he launched into “Redbone” from his latest album. And as a someone who is well aware of the power of the internet (he has previously released an album titled  Because The Internet) as well as a comedian, it was appropriate that he acknowledged the meme that the song has spawned by referencing the made-up makeout session as a nod to the original “Redbone” meme.

The meme has created major waves, namely inspiring other riffs such as a Gordon Ramsay version as well as a Nintendo Gamecube version. After treating the crowd to what cannot be described as anything other than a lit performance of “Redbone”, the show took more of a serious tone when Gambino all but announced that Awaken, My Love! is most likely the penultimate album from Childish Gambino. Before the leaving the stage, he uttered the words no fan of his work wants to hear:

“I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”

Fans of Donald Glover would understand that he would need to take a step back. His discography is packed with success. He released 2011’s critically touted Camp, received a Grammy nomination for Because The Internet in 2013, the monumental success that was 2016’s Awaken, My Love, as well as his mixtapes Royalty and STN MTN/Kauai

Away from music, Glover is still killing it. He is expected to continue work on his smash hit show Atlanta, while also making incredibly anticipated appearances in upcoming films such as The Lion King, Spiderman: Homecoming, as well as a Han Solo movie for the Star Wars franchise.


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