Created in 2017, Project Vita has become your direct source for all things pop culture, music, art, fashion, as well as social and political news. This is life, and as we know. Welcome to Project Vita.

Project Vita’s main contributor is Rasheed Wesley, a recent graduate from Millersville University. A long time time contributor to the university’s newspaper, The Snapper, Rasheed reported on a wide range of topics, ranging from social and political news to music reviews, and graduated with a major in English with a concentration in journalism.

Seeing a need to encompass all that embodies what is news worthy ┬áin today’s society, Project Vita stepped into the void to give the people what they want AND need. No sugar coating, all news.

We at Project Vita, strive to make an online community, where we share in the news that shapes our world and encourage discussion on every facet that forms what we call life, therefore we strongly recommend that you comment. Just some quick house rules:

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